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This is where Damian begins his first real lesson in Batman 101. Up until now it’s been punching things and threatening bad guys. Skewed panels are back, so Damian is still annoyed. He’s out there to prove to Dick once and for all that he’s the better choice to be Batman, that he was able to figure out where this mystery baddie was all by himself while Dick was still feeling sorry for himself. More importantly, he wants Dick to stop underestimating him (ironic considering how he underestimates everyone else).

Then he hears a voice and everything changes. The panels straighten out, only to instantly skew again. But they skew for a different reason. Damian has no idea how to help someone. He’s been trained to kill, to fight, never to save. He doesn’t know what to do.

He freezes.

And that’s why the dollotrons are able to capture him. Sure they probably would have gotten him eventually with their numbers, but notice how Damian doesn’t put up a fight until its too late. This is completely out of character for the kid who is raring to fight 24/7 and will fight everyone and everything. He froze, plain and simple, and the dollotrons took advantage of that.

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